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Motorcycle Accident

Common motorcycle accident injuries range from bone fractures to traumatic brain injuries. Motorcyclists lose thousands of dollars in car repairs and injuries in serious accidents In addition to paying medical bills, you may lose wages and suffer significant physical and emotional distress.
IF YOU ARE IN A MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT, REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION FROM THE SANN LAW GROUP. We can help you get compensation from negligent drivers.

In an accident while using lane sharing, who is responsible for the accident?

A split lane is a person riding a motorcycle between two lanes traveling in the same direction. Studies have shown that lane splitting can help save time, reduce traffic congestion and prevent accidents such as rear-end collisions. However, many people believe that lane splits are dangerous for motorcyclists and those around them. It is a controversial topic among cyclists, motorists, lawmakers and safety groups. California was the first state to allow motorcyclists to split lanes. However, if a motorcyclist inadvertently diverges in a California lane, he or she could be liable for an accident.

California's comparative negligence laws can play a role in crashes involving lane splits. If the defendant has evidence that you split lanes at an unreasonable speed or recklessly, this may reduce your award amount. However, if you are within your rights under California's division of lane laws, a division of lanes alone will not reduce your financial recovery. For motorcycle accident claims involving complex elements such as lane splits, use a dedicated motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles.

● Our LA car accident attorneys will do their best to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.
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Don't try to convince your insurance company to accept a lowball settlement offer after a serious motorcycle crash. Insurance companies too often evade liability and pressure customers to accept less than the case is worth. Instead, have your case reviewed by an attorney experienced in motorcycle accidents to properly value it.

What you do or don't do after a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles may determine the fate of your motorcycle accident claim. It is important to take certain steps to protect your right to claim damages. You or your LA motorcycle accident attorney must gather evidence, identify the at-fault party, and file a claim within California time limits. We recommend that you work with an attorney from the beginning to have the best chance of receiving fair compensation.

Move to a Safe Place.
Move a Motorcycle with a Disability.
Call 911.
Exchange Information.
Take a Picture.
Go to the Hospital
Report the loss to your insurance company. Contact the insurance company of the party you believe caused the motorcycle accident. Ideally, submit your report within 24 hours of the crash.
Follow your doctor's instructions. The insurance company will check that you have followed your treatment plan. If not, you can use this as evidence and claim that you made the injury worse.
Collect information. Gather information about the accident to present to your personal injury attorney. This may include copies of your medical records and police reports.
Contact your attorney. Consult an attorney about your case before consulting a claims adjuster.

The Sann law group can help you understand your rights.

We The Sann law grou can ensure that you and your family receive reasonable monetary compensation for losses such as medical bills, pain, lost wages and property repairs following an accident. Please refer your case to our attorney's office.

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Traffic Accidents Types

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