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Bicycle Accident

If a driver hits a cyclist, the cyclist always loses. Bicycles cannot withstand the forces exerted by larger, more powerful vehicles in a crash.
Thus, cyclists can suffer fatal personal injuries, while motorists often escape unscathed.
We are working to hold negligent drivers accountable for serious bicycle accidents in Los Angeles.
We work for injured bicyclists and pedestrians across Southern California, protecting their rights, holding settlement meetings and bicycle accidents. We support fair claims for compensation in personal injury trials. Ask THE SANN LAW GROUP for a free consultation.

● Our LA car accident attorneys will do their best to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.
● Our car accident attorney's office believes in high-quality legal resources and the power of aggressive litigation.
● Our law firm knows how to negotiate and litigate all types of car accidents, from pedestrian accidents to fatal commercial truck crashes.
● Our company aims to help traffic accident victims in every possible way, providing services at the expense of accidental expenses.

Our drive to succeed in your case is combined with our commitment to personal attention. You will find that we pay attention to your needs. We listen to your concerns and are ready to address all your concerns. We will do everything we can to fill your needs.

The question of who is responsible for an accident is a key element in bicycle accident litigation. The party that caused your accident and injury will be financially responsible for your losses. It may take an accident investigation by an experienced LA bike accident attorney to hold the right party accountable. In most cases, the driver is liable, but other factors such as potholes or defective bikes may also have contributed to the accident. If your attorney identifies the correct defendant, they can help prove you wrong.

Proving negligence requires collecting evidence at the scene of a bicycle accident, interviewing witnesses, and hiring a bicycle accident reconstruction expert. Our bike accident attorney's office knows how to bring your case together and get you the best possible compensation.

We The Sann law grou can ensure that you and your family receive reasonable monetary compensation for losses such as medical bills, pain, lost wages and property repairs following an accident. Please refer your case to our attorney's office.

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Traffic Accidents Types

Just as there are many means of transportation today, traffic accidents take many different forms. You can select the car accident case that applies to you to view in detail.

  • Car Accident
    Car Accident

    We do our best for customers who have been injured in car accidents.

  • Truck Accident
    Truck Accident

    Represent you for injuries sustained in connection with a truck accident.

  • Bus Accident
    Bus Accident

    We do our best for customers who have been injured in car accidents.

  • Metro Accident
    Metro Accident

    We help you recover from injuries sustained in metro accidents.

  • Motorcycle Accident
    Motorcycle Accident

    We do our best for the customers who have been injured by motorcyclists.

  • Bicycle Accident
    Bicycle Accident

    For customers suffering from bike obsession, we help you recover.

  • Scooter Accident
    Scooter Accident

    We help you recover from injuries sustained in a scooter accident.

  • DUI Accident
    DUI Accident

    We do our best to help customers who are suffering from DUI accidents recover.

  • Uber/Lyft Accident
    Uber/Lyft Accident

    Representing victims of Uber/Lyft accidents and rewarding them with the best compensation

  • Pedestrian Accident
    Pedestrian Accident

    We do our best for the recovery of customers suffering from pedestrian accidents.

  • Hit and Run Accident
    Hit and Run Accident

    We help you recover after being injured in a hit-and-run accident.

  • Total Traffic Accident
    Total Traffic Accident

    We do our best for customers suffering from traffic accidents.

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