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THE SANN LAW GROUP's criminal law attorneys are criminal law attorneys who fight with all their knowledge, ability and passion to ensure a fair outcome.

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Criminal law refers to the law that stipulates the contents of the state's penal power and the method of its enforcement. Crime is something that shouldn't happen, and if you commit a crime, it is natural that you will be punished. However, the criteria for defining “crime” differ slightly from society to society.

As a result, there are cases where an individual's actions are misunderstood differently from their original intention, or in severe cases, they become criminals.

● Drug
● Identity Theft
● Domestic Violence
● Bounced Check
● Theft
● Prostitution

The impartiality of the American criminal justice system is based on the fact that prosecutors do their best to fight for victims and lawyers do their best for the accused. In order to achieve the fairness of criminal law for the accused, it will not happen unless the criminal defense attorney fights for him actively, sometimes aggressively, and to the best of his ability.
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