Real Estate Litigation


Buying or leasing real estate is an important investment that requires careful planning and negotiation to achieve the most ideal results.
Various state laws and regulations are used in conducting such business transactions, but understanding the complexities of these laws is no simple task.
Unfortunately, failure to comply with these laws can have serious financial consequences.
This is why many people seek legal advice from a real estate attorney to discuss negotiations and contracts.
Real Estate Scam

It is key to contact your real estate attorney before signing any documents. Because there are hidden conditions in the document.
It is important to distinguish and negotiate these hidden terms before signing any contract.
Examples of Real Estate Fraud and Mortgage Fraud:

● Inflating House Prices
● Hiring Fake Buyers
● Submitting false information in your loan application
● Illegal Loan Approval
● False exaggerated Income
● What not to report on a second home

An Unlawful Detainer lawsuit is a lawsuit in which a property owner takes possession of a leased property and seeks to recover the rent.
To legally evict (move and keep out) a tenant, the owner must file an Unlawful Detainer Complaint.

Defense of Eminent Domain
Eminent Domain also refers to “Condemnation,” which is the acquisition of privately owned real property for
“just compensation” for use in the public interest with the power of a local, state, or federal agency.
Even if the owner does not want to sell the property, the government can exercise eminent domain.
Real estate is a major investment and it can change everything from finding a trustworthy lawyer.

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